October Caption Contest

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Situated at Malvarrosa beach in Valencia, Spain, this fountain, Fuente De Agua, is dedicated to the sea, the winds and the coast. All it's missing is a caption. Send your suggestion to for a chance to win a 2013 SAIL calendar. We'll post the winner here!

Current entries:

"Silver Reef." -Ron R.

"Imagine." -Jim M.

"The deck joint leaks a bit but the main catches all the fresh rainwater we need." -John L.

"Taken on Water." -Moti K.

"Spray." -Dave B.

"Forever changing songs, life is like the sea." -David P.

"Sea Change." -Ron W.

"A failed experiment on water displacement." -Rowan O.

"Take a number. Once aboard, you have 2 minutes to see how many $100 bills you can tear up." -Peter A.

"Watertight." -Willem N.

“A leak that sprung a ship.” -Herb M.

"Forever changing songs, life is like the sea." -David P.

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