Great Escape Contest Winner Announced

SAIL Magazine and The Moorings are proud to present the winner of the Great Escape contest, Mr. Larry Deigh of Ashburn, VA. Congratulations to Larry and his family!

We would like to thank everyone who entered. It was fun reading all of the submissions, which ran the gamut from hilarious to touching. The list of reasons to charter a catamaran are endless, so picking a top ten is no easy task. We hope you enjoyed compiling your own list and found it inspiring and fun… Clearly, there is never a bad reason to charter to a catamaran!

Top Ten Reasons to Charter a Catamaran

1. When I’m sailing a catamaran on a sunny day with a cool breeze abeam, I don’t worry about anything; not business, nor the economy, not even world events. I check my tell-tails and ease the jib sheet. My world is perfect.

2. It keeps my teenagers off the road and if I have to reach them I don’t need a cell phone. It’s family time. Family time is fleeting.

3. I’m up early, in the cool morning, just me and a cup of Joe. The stillness of the vast glassy sea is beyond and I’m feeling serene in my quiet solitude.

4. Where to go next? The day’s adventure lies ahead. There’s no place we have to be, no one expecting us to be on time, no pressures of home. As we start off, the wind astern, the sails balloon wing and wing; a bird in flight. We’ll go where the breeze takes us and arrive before the big red ball melts into the sea.

5. I’ve got Allman Brothers playing from the speakers to the sound of the boat splashing through the chop. Auto-pilot is set on a long tranquil tack and nobody in the real world can reach us, not even my mother-in-law.

6. Afternoons are for finding an anchorage in a pristine cove, for cannonballs off the transom, for getting lost on an endless stretch of sand, and for diving amongst the abundant wildlife with names I do not know.

7. We’ve gathered in the cockpit for cocktail hour. I’ve got a glass of merlot in one hand and a piece of brie in the other. We banter about the day’s activities on the water as the smell of steaks on the grille make our stomachs grumble. It doesn’t get any better.

8. As night falls, the water turns to inky blank and the sky is filled with a million pinholes to the universe. The gentle movement of the boat and the distant sound of halyards banging against a mast puts me to sleep better than anything……. anything.

9. It’s been six days of sailing the islands, I’m feeling weathered and tan and we’re getting dressed up for dinner at Foxy’s. I’m showered, got my favorite Jimi Hendrix T-shirt on and I’m looking for my flip flops……forget the flip flops. I’d rather feel the cool sand between my toes while we enjoy the barbecue.

and finally number 10, and the best reason:
10. I have nothing in common with my wife, except the love of sailing a catamaran on beautiful waters.

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