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Sail Away - September 2006

by Sail Staff, Posted September 22, 2006

Should You Insure Your Trip?

Your charter company can and will go to great lengths to ensure that your sailing vacation is all you hoped it would be, but no charter company can ensure that you and/or your crew will not be subject to the slings and arrows of life. Nor, of course, can an insurance company. But travel insurance can make sure that you don’t pay extra for

Sail Away - August 2006

by Sail Staff, Posted September 22, 2006

Stormy Weather

If you choose to sail in the Caribbean in the summer, especially in the month of August, you could—not inevitably, to be sure—find yourself somewhere along the track of a hurricane. Then what? I talked with Tim Johnson of TMM and Sylvia Driver of Horizon Yacht Charters to find out.

PERSONAL SAFETY You won’t be “caught” by a sudden hurricane; hurricanes


Sail Away - June 2006

by Sail Staff, Posted September 18, 2006

Less is More

If you’re looking for a Caribbean sailing vacation with more bang for the buck, summer is when you’ll find it. In June, many important elements—charter rates, airfares, crowds in anchorages, wind velocity—show a welcome downward trend. What’s more, the usually north-of-east trade winds shift to the south of east, so north-facing anchorages that are subject to northerly


Sail Away - April 2006

by Sail Staff, Posted June 5, 2006

Caribbean Notes

Desmond Nicholson, a member of the family that sailed into Antigua’s English Harbour in 1949 and created a charter business in their wake, died in Antigua in January. Nicholson, a respected amateur archaeologist, was instrumental in the preservation and restoration of the Georgian buildings of Nelson’s Dockyard. Today, the Dockyard is a must-stop for charterers in


Sail Away - March 2006

by Sail Staff, Posted May 4, 2006

Where to Go Now

Sailing your home waters in summer is fun; sailing someone else’s home waters is an adventure.

Now, as you read this magazine, is the time to think about where you’d like to spend your summer sailing vacation. Some mighty fine North American cruising grounds offer hartering—the way most of us get to sail outside our home waters—only in May through September or at

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