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Sail Away - June 2007

by Sail Staff, Posted August 14, 2007

One-Way Street

I was recently confronted with the not-unpleasant conundrum of how to make the best use of a one-week charter in a place (a) I’d never sailed before, (b) I am unlikely to return to, and (c) that is too big to sail and see it all in a week. What I consider to be “best use” involves a pleasant amount of sailing (but not dawn to dusk) and a reasonable amount of time to see

Sail Away - May 2007

by Sail Staff, Posted August 14, 2007

Get It While It’s Hot

Summer can be cooler—this observation includes the temperature—in the Caribbean than where I live, in Massachusetts, and the water is always warmer. More important, the wind always blows, which is more than I can say for my home waters.

Now is a good time to take advantage of the hot summer rates offered by all the bareboat-charter companies in the


Sail Away - April 2007

by Sail Staff, Posted August 14, 2007

Special Treats

CARIBBEAN. Everyone likes to save money—and why not. If you must have some time in the tropics and can’t wait for the summer specials in the Caribbean and the Bahamas to kick in (see May SAIL for a rundown)—and if you’re flexible about dates—you’ll find that most bareboat companies in the Caribbean are offering last-minute online specials. The list on

Sail Away - March 2007

by Sail Staff, Posted August 14, 2007

Where in the World

…should you look for a summer sailing vacation away from home? Summer is a great time to explore many top cruising grounds

If I knew whether this winter’s distinctly peculiar weather in much of North America is predictive of a peculiar summer to come, by now I’d be rich, or famous, or both. What I can predict without consulting an oracle is that the


Sail Away - February 2007

by Sail Staff, Posted August 10, 2007

Spain Calling - February 2007

The upcoming America’s Cup events in Valencia (semifinals June 1–11, finals June 23–July 4) have drawn attention to Spain, with its long coastline, maritime history, and many attractions, as a charter venue. If you are among the many sailors worldwide thinking about combining a charter with a trip to the Cup matches—or just thinking about
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