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The modern charter industry makes it possible for ordinary sailors to explore some of the most extraordinary cruising grounds in the world, including the British Virgin Islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Florida Keys, Maine, Chesapeake Bay, the Mediterranean and such Polynesian paradises as Tahiti and Tonga.

Planinng a trip

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Chartering with Newbies

Chartering with people who have never done it before? No problem, so long as you consider their needs, interests, fears, budgets and passions. It’s also important to remember that it’s their vacation too. Even if you’re an old pro with multiple charters under your belt, new people have no idea what to expect, and you’ll Read More

Whether you’re bareboat chartering, chartering with a captain or with an entire fleet, you’re still sailing, and that’s a good thing

Charter Tips

Three Options for a Charter Vacation

It’s time for a charter sailing vacation, so what’s the best way to go? You can go it alone with a bareboat, get a captain for a crewed experience or tag along with a group of sailboats in a flotilla. Here’s how each stacks up. Bareboat The most common way to get your sailing fix Read More

Make a task list for your crew to help avoid a mutiny

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A Duty Roster for a Shipshape Charter

When bareboat chartering with friends or family, it can be tough to be the captain. Not only are you ultimately responsible for navigation, anchoring and the safety of the vessel, but you also have to manage crew duties without coming off like Captain Bligh. Part of good crew management and morale is keeping the boat Read More

Bareboat chartering in European waters may require more paperwork from the skipper than you think

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What You Need to Know Before You Go Chartering in Europe

Thinking of chartering in Europe? There may be more to it than just providing a passport and your VISA card. As more countries around the Mediterranean begin asking for formal certification to charter a bareboat, the waters are becoming murky in terms of what you do and don’t need for chartering across the pond. The Read More


Charter: Belize

The first sunset set the tone for the week. I’ve been lucky enough to see dozens of them at sea, in some of the most beautiful places in the world, but that first evening anchored in Belize was nothing short of surreal. The sky turned blood-orange red, and the line of palm-topped cayes to the Read More



A Lake Champlain Charter

I spent many years exploring the wonders that lie along her shores. Fourteen miles wide, 125 miles long and up to 400ft deep, Champlain serves as the border between Vermont to the east, upstate New York to the west, and Canada to the north. Framed by the towering Adirondack Mountains on her western shore and Read More

Bareboats are just that—bare. Photo courtesy of courtesy of The Moorings

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11 Useful Things to Bring on a Charter

When you’re planning a charter you naturally focus on the most enjoyable big-picture aspects—researching the destination, working out where you’re going to spend each night, narrowing down the best snorkeling spots and so forth. And yet with bareboating, as with most other things in life, the devil is in the details. One thing I’ve learned Read More


Charter Tips

A More Effective Bow Roller

A. If boats surge forward at anchor in rough weather, large side loads can be imposed on their stemhead rollers. Weak side cheeks can bend, but a nut and bolt across the gap helps spread the load between the two sides. B. Some simple locking pins can be rolled and released if a mooring line Read More

A busy day at Culebrita’s main anchorage


Chartering the Spanish Virgins

A quarter mile offshore, the depth gauge was showing 50ft, but it might as well have been 15ft. The bottom was clearly visible, expanses of sand showing green-filtered white between dark swatches of weed. I’d not seen water that clear at that depth for many years. It was yet another weapon in the alluring armory Read More

An iconic St. Lucia sight—the twin peaks of the Pitons.


Charter News: St. Lucia

Sampling some goat roti may not rank high on your culinary bucket list, but I’m here to tell you it’s a very underrated dish—especially when eaten off a tin plate, with a tree stump for a table, at a street kitchen beside a winding mountain road in St. Lucia. Besides being blessed with one of Read More