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The modern charter industry makes it possible for ordinary sailors to explore some of the most extraordinary cruising grounds in the world, including the British Virgin Islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Florida Keys, Maine, Chesapeake Bay, the Mediterranean and such Polynesian paradises as Tahiti and Tonga.


Charter Destinations: Desolation Sound

Desolation Sound We’d been warned that there wasn’t much in the way of wind at the upper end of Vancouver Island in the summer, so as we left the Desolation Sound Yacht Charters base in Comox, headed across the Strait of Georgia toward the mainland, we were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves close-reaching into a Read More

Get a good briefing

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Charter: Five Essential Questions for Your Chart Briefing

While skippering charters around the world, I’ve learned never to bypass the boat checkout or the chart briefing. While most charter-base managers are thorough with their briefings, be sure to ask about the following so that you’ll be armed with as much information as possible before setting out on unfamiliar waters. Highlights & Traffic Patterns Read More

Charter Tips

Charter News: Checkout Tips

I like to pay special attention during my charter checkout because from years of learning the hard way, I’ve come to realize that the time to figure out what will go wrong later is before you leave. Also, while I listen to what the base managers are telling me, I also keep an ear open Read More

Planinng a trip

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Chartering with Newbies

Chartering with people who have never done it before? No problem, so long as you consider their needs, interests, fears, budgets and passions. It’s also important to remember that it’s their vacation too. Even if you’re an old pro with multiple charters under your belt, new people have no idea what to expect, and you’ll Read More

A sister ship cruises past The Baths under full sail


A Bareboat Charter in the British Virgin Islands

I was feeling nervous as my mom, my brother and I walked to the baggage claim area at St. Thomas airport to meet my three best friends from college. Non-sailors all, Andrew, Alex and Wayne were joining us for a week’s bareboat charter in the BVI aboard a brand new Moorings 45.3. I had grown Read More

An Aerial view of Abacos


10 Winter Destinations to Charter a Catamaran

If you want to get your catamaran vacation fix this winter (or next summer) and want a unique experience, consider one of the following 10 destinations. Maybe you’ve only got a week and want to stay close to home. Or perhaps you have loads of time off and don’t mind a long flight. Either way, Read More

Whether you’re bareboat chartering, chartering with a captain or with an entire fleet, you’re still sailing, and that’s a good thing

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Three Options for a Charter Vacation

It’s time for a charter sailing vacation, so what’s the best way to go? You can go it alone with a bareboat, get a captain for a crewed experience or tag along with a group of sailboats in a flotilla. Here’s how each stacks up. Bareboat The most common way to get your sailing fix Read More

Make a task list for your crew to help avoid a mutiny

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A Duty Roster for a Shipshape Charter

When bareboat chartering with friends or family, it can be tough to be the captain. Not only are you ultimately responsible for navigation, anchoring and the safety of the vessel, but you also have to manage crew duties without coming off like Captain Bligh. Part of good crew management and morale is keeping the boat Read More

Bareboat chartering in European waters may require more paperwork from the skipper than you think

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What You Need to Know Before You Go Chartering in Europe

Thinking of chartering in Europe? There may be more to it than just providing a passport and your VISA card. As more countries around the Mediterranean begin asking for formal certification to charter a bareboat, the waters are becoming murky in terms of what you do and don’t need for chartering across the pond. The Read More

A charter—bareboat or crewed—can be a great learning experience and allow sailors to test their skills.

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Learning to Sail While Chartering

So you want to go sailing, but you don’t know where to start? A learning vacation combines fun, sun and sailing know-how in a four- to 10-day outing, and you’ll get a tan to boot. Whether you’re seeking certification to charter your own bareboat in the future, need hands-on experience to build confidence with larger Read More