Low-Friction Rings from Ronstan

by SAIL Editors, Posted November 10, 2014
Ronstan’s lightweight Low-Friction Rings can be used as a maintenance-free alternative to conventional blocks in a variety of different heavy high-static load applications, such as lazyjacks, back stays, jib in-haulers and vangs.
Sea Shield Marine’s new SALCA (sacrificial anode line cutter assembly) solves two problems in one: corrosion and line entanglement. Available in both zinc and aluminum, the SALCA has a stainless steel cutting edge that slices through errant lines while protecting your propeller shaft and other metal parts from galvanic degradation.

WinchRite ABT Electric Winch

by SAIL Editors, Posted November 10, 2014
The WinchRite ABT (Advanced Brushless Technology) is an improved version of the battery-operated winch handle that has already been sparing sailors’ arms for a number of years.

Keeping Connected: Wi-Fi on Board

by Chris and Anne-Marie Fox, Posted July 2, 2014
Is the water potable? How’s the holding? Where’s the nearest chandlery? These are no longer the first questions posed by cruisers arriving in a new port. Nowadays, our first questions revolve around a more crucial topic: the Internet!

Shurhold Zipper Lube

by SAIL Editors, Posted April 15, 2014
Snaps and zippers are easily overlooked on a boat—until they malfunction. Keep your boat’s snaps and zippers in good working order with Shurhold’s new Snap-Stick protection lubricant and Top-Snapper tool.

Jamestown Distributor Drainman Automatic Bilge Pump

by SAIL Editors, Posted April 3, 2014
  Drainman bilge pumps keep your dinghy or small boat free of water, without requiring any energy. 

Rigging & Sail Controls

by SAIL Editors, Posted February 19, 2014
For racing sailors, the latest in rig hardware is all about weight savings and performance, while for cruisers it’s also about reliability and ease of use  

Accon Marine Lifting Eyes

by Adam Cort, Posted October 29, 2013
Accon Marine lifting eyes are available in both round and oval models and can safely lift up to 4,000lb in the direction of the axis of the threaded rod shank. 
Silent Running SR1000 is a nontoxic water-based vibration-absorbing material that you brush, spray or roll on like paint. It works by converting noise and vibration into low-grade heat, which is then dissipated throughout the surface on which it’s been applied.
Isotemp SPA water heaters from Indel Webasto include a stainless steel inner tank, injected polyurethane insulation and a robust polypropylene outer casing to provide a combination of performance and durability.
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