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Clear-bottomed Kayak from Clear Blue Hawaii Boatbuilders

by SAIL Editors, Posted December 12, 2014
If there’s anything in this world that will impress a sailor, it’s got to be a clear-bottomed boat from Clear Blue Hawaii boatbuilders. Available in a number of different configurations

Real McCoy Spirits: Rum

by SAIL Editors, Posted December 10, 2014
During Prohibition, a rum-runner named Bill McCoy gained a reputation for smuggling such good stuff into the United States that the expression “the real McCoy” became synonymous with quality and authenticity.
MotionX-GPS ($1.99 iPhone) or MotionX-GPS HD ($1.99 iPad) from MotionX hosts a rich set of GPS and map features to provide a customizable map display, an interactive navigation interface and a digital compass on your iPhone or iPad.

WEST MARINE: Navigator Jacket for Men

by SAIL Editors, Posted December 5, 2014
Stay warm and dry, whether hauling upwind, weathering stormy seas, or being at sea on a long night watch. Our rugged, comfortable foul weather gear is new for 2011 and is designed specifically for coastal cruising and racing.

York River Traders: The Mariner Rope Belt

by SAIL Editors, Posted December 5, 2014
The Mariner Rope belt from York River Traders ($98) is available in five different colors,  made from real rigging line and backed by high quality leather and bearing a solid brass buckle.

Wine Storage Solution: Vinnebago

by SAIL Editors, Posted November 21, 2014
Since the dawn of modern yachting, sailors have struggled with how best to store and serve fine wines aboard a small sailboat. 

Hobie Recycled Sailcloth Bags

by SAIL Editors, Posted November 21, 2014
Since the very first Hobie 14 catamaran pushed off a California beach in the late 1960s, the Hobie brand has been about both style and performance, and there’s style to spare in the company’s new Tequila Sunrise collection of recycled sailcloth bags.

Navigator Pro line Binoculars by Steiner

by SAIL Editors, Posted November 21, 2014
With a pair of Steiner glasses on board you need never worry about picking out that headland or distant buoy.

Racing Cloths from Gill

by SAIL Editors, Posted November 10, 2014
Gill’s latest clothing builds on the Race Collection the company introduced in 2010, with even lighter, more high-tech fabrics to promote flexibility and comfort afloat.

Hugo Boss Sunglasses

by Adam Cort, Posted October 18, 2014
What better way to channel the look of Alex Thomson’s distinctive black-and-silver Hugo Boss-sponsored Open 60 Vendée Globe boat than with a pair of super-cool Hugo Boss shades?
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