Nav Station Makeover

by Peter Nielsen, Posted June 26, 2013

Having had so much fun upgrading the systems on our project Norlin 34, it came as something of a shock to realize that after installing a windlass, propane system, new winches, new portlights and new genoa sheet tracks in the space of three years, I had run out of things to do.


One of the most versatile of panel materials, plywood is used for everything from sheathing houses to building boats. It’s not a new concept; laminated wood was used in ancient Egypt and China and commonly in seventeenth-century European furniture.


In Hot Water

by Peter Nielsen, Posted June 25, 2013

Isotemp’s new line of SPA water heaters are a cost-effective way to upgrade to the sensuous pleasures of hot and cold running water.


Ask SAIL: Frayed Mic Cables

by Sail Staff, Posted June 24, 2013

Dozens of us cruising sailors have experienced problems with the black cable jackets on VHF and SSB radio microphones from ICOM. I, along with many other cruisers, have discovered our cables are mysteriously disintegrating!


 I’m planning on replacing all the running rigging on my 1978 Tartan 37 this spring for the first time since I bought the boat over 10 years ago. 

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