I heard the Coast Guard will no longer be monitoring distress frequencies for marine SSB radios. How can we get help when beyond VHF range?


A Tale of Two Props

by Peter Nielsen, Posted October 24, 2013

Although I have sailed boats fitted with every conceivable make of folding or feathering propeller, I have long-term experience of only three. When we acquired our 1973 Norlin 34, it was equipped with a vintage two-bladed Martec Geartec folding propeller. 


Why Low-Drag Propellers

by Duncan Kent, Posted October 24, 2013

Would you buy an automobile whose rear brakes locked up and dragged along the road when going downhill? Not likely. So why do so many sailboat owners do much the same thing by dragging the blades of a propeller through the water behind them when the engine’s off?


Building a New Front End

by Wally Moran, Posted October 23, 2013

A liveaboard cruiser transforms his anchor handling system




Ask SAIL: Staysail Support

by Win Fowler, Posted September 16, 2013

I am retrofitting a removable staysail stay to a 1982 Bristol 40 sloop. The existing standing rig has both forward and aft lower shrouds. Do I need to add more support behind the mast to support the staysail stay when it is set up? I would like not to have to do this. If I do have to do it, what’s the most efficient, least expensive way to go about it?

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