Sail on the Cheap

by Sail Staff, Posted June 2, 2006
By Leah Welch

I am a novice sailor. I took one sailing course in college and earned an Ohio Division of Watercraft license (the equivalent of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary's America's Boating Course). It was only recently that I decided to make sailing my lifestyle and began researching ASA (American Sailing Association) and U.S. Sailing schools.

Like most working Joes, I had


Hybrid Power Keeps Going

by Joseph Huberman, Posted March 20, 2006
The diesel-electric hybrid as an auxiliary power source for sailboats has moved from the laboratory into the water. Though still in early development, it has advantages including fuel efficiency, ease of handling, responsive motor control, low sound levels, immediate-use capability, and, on some systems, power regeneration.

I have a Solomon Technologies motor and a Glacier



by Sail Staff, Posted January 16, 2006

With over 350 entries, choosing a winner for the BoatWorks Bailout contest was no small feat. So many deserving owners, so many ailing boats—only one lucky recipient. In the end, the prize goes to John and Le Ann Smith of Rhode Island. Their Ericson 34 will undergo a thorough restoration over the coming months that you can follow in future issues of BoatWorks magazine.


Endless Possibilities Under Sail

by Sail Staff, Posted November 4, 2005
People with disabilities are leaving their limitations at the dock. Organizations like Newport, Rhode Island's Shake-A-Leg, the first to offer adaptive sailing, are helping them access sailing. You don’t need sailing experience, gear, or even money. All you need is a desire to sail.

For an interview with John Ross-Duggan, click here


Wireless Resources

by Sail Staff, Posted November 5, 2004
No Strings Attached

Wireless technology is constatantly evolving and improving. To keep abreast of the latest developments log on to the following sites:; B&G’s site has information about the company’s RemoteVision wireless system that can control and monitor various electronic systems wirelessly


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