Keeping Fresh-water Tanks Fresh

by Sail Staff, Posted November 16, 2007
There's nothing quite as revolting as tainted drinking water. Here are a few tips to keep the water in your tanks tasting sweet.

› At least once a year, drain the tanks completely and pour in half a cup ofClorox bleach for every 20 gallons of each tank’s capacity. Then refill thetanks, pump them dry, and refill them with fresh water to which you have added alittle lemon juice


Keeping Connected: Communications for Cruisers

by Sail Staff, Posted November 13, 2007
The rapid evolution of communications technology in the last decade has meant that more of us are able to keep in range of a regular cell phone. We asked many of the entrants in the 2006 ARC transatlantic rally how they planned to stay in contact with those back home and received a variety of answers. Here we describe what systems were chosen and why, and explain some of the

BoatWorks Tips: Repairing Antiskid

by Sail Staff, Posted November 8, 2007
If there was ever a product that sailors should know about, Flex Mold is it—and no, I don’t have a connection with the company.

No matter how careful you are, it's inevitable that the deck of your boat is vulnerable to wear and tear. Winches get dropped, gear gets added, and the antiskid starts to look less than brand-new. Of course, you can always paint the deck, but in my case the


BoatWorks Videos: Chart Plotters

by Sail Staff, Posted July 2, 2007
Boatworks videos show how to upgrade, repair, and improve your boat. Join Deputy Editor Mark Corke as he explains the features of the Raymarine C60 electronics system to be installed on the BoatWorks Bailout winner, Castaway, an Ericson 34T.

Episode 3: Overview of a Raymarine C60 Chart Plotter

Marine Plywood: The Boatbuilder's Friend

by Sail Staff, Posted June 25, 2007
Why every boatowner should learn to love plywood By Mark Corke

Click here to read a PDF version of this story.

One of the most versatile of panel materials, plywood is used for everything from sheathing houses to building boats. It’s not a new concept; laminated wood was used in ancient Egypt and China and

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