Flagship: Gunfleet 58

When Oyster founder Richard Matthews sold the company a few years ago, it was a safe bet that he wouldn’t be able to resist the siren call of boatbuilding for long. The Gunfleet 58 is the second design from Matthews’s new company, Gunfleet Marine, and hull #1 is currently under construction. Versatility must have been near the top of designer Tony Castro’s brief: twin rudders and a shoal draft bulb keel will make it possible to creep into shallow tropical anchorages, while a centerboard will add some windward bite to what should be a fast boat, given both Matthews’s and Castro’s love of performance. A deep-keel version is also available. These are high-end boats, and so some level of owner customization is expected. The base layouts look highly practical, including one version, with two double staterooms and two twin-bunk cabins, that promises to be an excellent arrangement for a cruising family.

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