Alibi 54

High-performance cruising catamarans are few and far between, perhaps because most cat buyers want to go cruising long-term and thus buy boats built for comfort rather than speed. High performance also means light weight, which in turn means a price premium, so boats like the Alibi 54 are aimed at a small but discerning and well-heeled audience. From its dreadnaught bows to its stepped transoms, this boat oozes character and style. The hulls are foam-cored with plenty of carbon fiber spread around high-load areas, and the rig is carbon-fiber too. Displacement in light trim is just 8.5 tons, so this boat should really get up and go. There are too many innovative features to list here, but hybrid electric drives are standard, and the boat can be ordered in any of four versions—Stripped-out, Greenie, Worldfaring and Tailormade, each of which is as it sounds. Importer Aeroyacht hopes to have one here in time for the fall boat shows.

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