A Conducta cat leaps into spring waters

Earlier this month the Thomaston, Maine boatbuilder, Lyman Morse, gently lowered the 62-foot Morrelli and Melvin-designed catamaran Mala Conducta into the St. George River that runs past the firm’s state of the art building shed. Although M and M designed the cat for family cruising—the owners previously owned a large monohull — their build brief to Lyman Morse was to make everything on board as light as possible.

That’s why the hull consists of a Kevlar/Eglass prepreg outer skin, either P or Nomex core in the sandwich, and carbon prepreg inner skins. Although the boat is light, it will also carry all the items needed to make it a comfortable and self-sustaining cruiser. Lithium-ion batteries, for example, will hold plenty of power, and a Bass Electronics E-plex system, with touch screens, will control all the lighting and electronics.

The interior is bright and modern with maple veneers carefully placed over, you guessed it, carbon bulkheads.

Other nice touches to improve the cruising life on board include Oceanair Skyscreens and, yes, traditional Corian countertops to handle the meals for eight guests and possibly two crew. Although this is the first cruising catamaran built by Lyman Morse, both the designers and owners are confident that the cat will be able to routinely achieve speeds of over 25 knots under sail.

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