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Sep 29, 2006
Commissioned by an experienced yachtsman who wanted a high-performance...   FULL REVIEW
Jun 02, 2005
Last spring Vitters Shipyard launched this 140-foot aluminum sloop designed by...   FULL REVIEW
Sep 29, 2006
Large catamarans are starting to look very attractive, and this latest addition...   FULL REVIEW
Jul 14, 2005
The mission was to create a true sailor’s boat for a family that had recently...   FULL REVIEW
Aug 08, 2008
The largest design to date in the venerable Wauquiez line of seagoing craft is...   FULL REVIEW
by Charles Mason
Sep 28, 2006
As president of the New York Jets football team, Jay Cross puts in his share of...   FULL REVIEW
Jun 03, 2004
There has been a proliferation of new racer/cruisers in the 40-foot range. Some...   FULL REVIEW
Jul 20, 2004
There's a new generation of 40-somethings designed to appeal to other 40-...   FULL REVIEW
Nov 09, 2005
The launch of the first Volvo Extreme 40 high-performance racing catamaran was...   FULL REVIEW
May 03, 2005
Danish builder X-Yachts is set to debut its new X-35 One Design later this year...   FULL REVIEW
Aug 11, 2008
Many of today's boats are designed to be both quick and comfortable, and X...   FULL REVIEW
Jun 25, 2012
On a crisp early-fall day, designer and builder Brian Bennett unfurled the self...   FULL REVIEW
Jul 07, 2009
The breeze was mild, but still it made an impression to see Dave Bernsten walk...   FULL REVIEW
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