Maggie B

Nigel Irens, designer of Ellen MacArthur’s record-setting trimaran, B&Q, also enjoys drawing monohulls like this fast gaff-rigged centerboard schooner now being built for an experienced American sailor. “Although the yacht may appear to have been inspired by traditional designs,” says Irens, “the objective has been to create an efficient and easily maintained vessel for world cruising.”

The schooner’s high-aspect-ratio rig features an overlapping foresail. Frames in the hull are made from well-seasoned Douglas fir. Vacuum-bagged Corecell is used in both hull and deck. When the schooner is launched, the owner plans to sail it around the world with his family.

Covey Island Boatworks, 2 River Road, Petite Riviere, N.S., BOJ 2PO Canada; 902-688-2843;

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