Pacific Seacraft 40

The sturdy, traditionally styled offshore cruisers of Pacific Seacraft are part of the history of the fiberglass-boat industry. The company fell on hard times, however, and was sold last year. This is far from the first time a venerated brand has gone out of business, but Pacific Seacraft is being reborn, and in an unlikely place. Unlikely until you think about it.

As the company foundered, one Steve Brodie stepped in, bought Pacific Seacraft, and immediately loaded everything—molds, shop equipment, etcetera—onto trucks, which headed for his home near Oriental, North Carolina. The trucks were rolling even as he was signing the lease on a 30,000-square-foot facility where the new factory would be. The cool thing is that Brodie didn’t stop at the molds. He also lured 13 shop workers (some with over 20 years experience) to come east as well.

As California’s strict environmental rules continue to squeeze boatbuilders there and the cost of living in Southern California continues to rise, this looks like a win-win situation. Brodie also bought several hulls in various stages of production. Those hulls are just about complete, and new models at lengths of 34, 37, and 40 feet will debut at the fall shows. Learn more at