Oyster 885

Time was when the Oyster 71 was the biggest of these bespoke yachts that one could aspire to. Now that the British company is building superyachts—making it the only boatbuilder whose range starts at 46 feet and peaks at 125 feet— the 71 is merely mid-range. The new 885 is the biggest boat Oyster could design to slip just under the 24-meter waterline load line rule. Any boat over that is subject to more onerous equipment and operational regulations. The Rob Humphreys design has twin rudders, and in the optional centerboard configuration it draws just over 7 feet. A stubby bowsprit projects the A-sail tack into better air and combines with broad aft sections to promise exhilarating offwind performance. Owners will customize these boats to suit themselves, but the sample layout has a master stateroom, four guest cabins and two crew cabins. Bow and stern thrusters will ease the task of docking this beauty. oystermarine.com