Open 5.70

With its flat, plane-friendly Groupe Finot hull shape, dual rudders, square-headed full-batten main, and lifting, narrow-chord bulb keel, the Open 5.7 is obviously designed for the high-end of the performance spectrum. It’s only 20 feet long, displaces merely 1,020 pounds (330 pounds are in the keel), and boasts a working sail area of 280 square feet. Off the wind the 5.7 carries a 387-square-foot A-sail on a retractable pole. By combining light weight, a high ballast ratio, and considerable sail area, this boat looks capable of pulling apparent-wind angles forward and producing speed smiles in almost any conditions. Keel down, draft is 5 feet, 9 inches. Retracted, the keel draws a trailer-friendly 8 inches—and the boat’s light weight means you won’t need a heavy-duty tow vehicle.