Nautitech 40

At first glance the Nautitech 40 seems to have solved the conundrum all large cruising-cat designers face—how to draw a boat that’s spacious on the inside and sleek and sexy on the outside. Nautitech’s answer is to unify the topsides by seamlessly blending the coachroof into the hard cockpit roof. As with all designs, a compromise was required. Instead of having a single helm station on the back of the coachroof (with the requisite visibility forward created by a separate, slightly higher cockpit roof), this cat uses dual helm stations aft on each hull to provide visibility. Dual helms are not new. They provide greater visibility than a single helm (good for checking sail shape and coming alongside while docking) and, in some cases, better helm “feel” because of their proximity to the rudders. But they also leave the helmsman more exposed to the elements. By combining sturdy construction, spacious accommodations, and an attractive sheer, the Nautitech 40 may take the sting out of getting rained on once in a while.

For more information, visit Nautitech Catamarans.