Lagoon 560

The latest boat from the world’s largest catamaran builder replaces the long-in-the-tooth Lagoon 57 and joins the 500 and 620 in Lagoon’s revamped flagship line. And flagship is about right; you’d need an 80ft monohull to get anywhere near the space you’ll find on this big cruiser. The four-cabin/four-head layout is likely to be most popular, but there is also a five-cabin version. Lagoon’s trademark pillbox cabintop style ensures panoramic views from within, and the light veneers used belowdecks enhance the sense of open space. It’s on the outside that this big cat really shines, though. All sailhandling is done from the flying bridge—which could perhaps be better called the upper cockpit—leaving the lower cockpit, which can be accessed directly from the aft staterooms, free for lounging about. Forward of the house, there’s a third seating/lounging area. Even with a full complement, privacy will not be a problem on this boat.