Lagoon 420

Even though the first Lagoon 420 is being launched only this month, this cat has attracted much attention and many purchase orders since it was first announced a little over a year ago. What makes this yacht so newsworthy is that it comes equipped with electric propulsion as standard equipment; diesel engines are available, of course, but only as an option. The standard setup consists of a 13.5-KVA 110-volt Onan genset that powers two banks of 12-volt batteries. These in turn power two 72-volt-DC electric motors by Leroy Somer that can deliver 2.5 hours of power at a cruising speed of 6.5 knots, or about 12.5 miles—more than enough to get into a harbor and alongside a dock or into an anchorage. When the batteries drop down to 80 percent of capacity, the genset turns on automatically to recharge them; when they are fully charged, the genset automatically shuts off.

When the yacht is sailing at over 5 knots, the propellers start spinning and alternators on the shafts automatically provide a charge to the engine batteries. Lagoon has tested these electric-propulsion units over the past six years on six prototype yachts of similar size. “We think this is the way of the future for almost any size yacht,” says Lagoon’s Yann Masselot, “because there is no limit to the size of the motors that can be installed.”

For more information, visit Lagoon Catamarans.