J/95 Page 2

Under Power

Given that we had perfect conditions for our test, we had little reason to use the two-cylinder, 14-horsepower Yanmar saildrive engine, aside from maneuvering away from the dock and out of the short channel into Narragansett Bay. That said, we had no trouble getting up to 6 knots of boatspeed at about 3,100 rpm.

Our Take


  • Shoal draft
  • Good performance with board up and down
  • Powerful sailplan andperfect balance
  • Cons:

  • Rudimentary cooking and washing facilities
  • No standard freshwater tanks or tap
  • Conclusion:

    The boat is a dream to steer, and the cockpit ergonomics are both family friendly and well-organized for racing. Its ability to sail in shoal waters will open up new cruising grounds. The twin rudders make it highly maneuverable yet with no hint of the twitchiness that plagues some high-performance boats, and the centerboard is easy to use and operate. It will be interesting to see how the boat measures up on a racecourse; it could make a great one-design class. If you live near shoal waters, this is a boat that was designed with you in mind; and even if you don’t, the J/95’s lively performance will charm you anyway.

    Vital statistics

    Headroom: 5’

    V-berth: 6’10” x 5’ (at widest point)

    Settees: 7’10” x 2’

    Cockpit seats: 5’6” x 1’6”


    LOA: 31’2”

    LWL: 8’4”

    Beam: 10’

    Draft: (board up/down): 3’/5’6”

    Displacement: 6,000 lbs

    Ballast: 2,450 lbs

    Sail area: (main and jib): 450 square feet

    Electrical: 1 x AGM Group 27

    Fuel/Water/Waste: 15/20 (optional)/14 gal

    Displacement-Length Ratio: 117

    Sail Area-Displacement Ratio: 22

    Ballast-Displacement Ratio: 41%

    Power: 14hp Yanmar

    Designer: Rodney S. Johnstone

    Builder: CCF Composites, Bristol, Rhode Island

    Price: $149,900 (base, FOB Rhode Island), $159,900 (with carbon rig, FOB Rhode Island)