Ever since Rod Johnstone built Ragtime, which ended up being the J/24 prototype in 1974, J Boats has produced boats that are fun to race as well as comfortable and manageable enough for family cruising. The new 30-foot J/92s fits that design brief perfectly. The J/92 has been very successful on racecourses in Europe and the U.S., and the J/92s is intended to be a more stable, family-friendly cruiser. The cockpit has been optimized for cruising comfort, and the sailplan, keel, rudder, and deck and bow profiles have been redesigned to provide more stability without impacting performance. If your family likes to kick up a rooster tail while flying a masthead asymmetrical spinnaker from a retractable carbon sprit, but also wants to be comfortable below at anchor, check out the J/92s.

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