A sailmaker, a boatbuilder, and a naval architect are standing at a bar having a quiet drink… no, this isn’t yet another incarnation of an old joke. It’s how sailmaker Robbie Doyle explains the genesis of the e33, a collaboration between him, builder Dirk Kneulman, and designer Jeremy Wurmfeld. Talk turned to the declining state of one-design racing and of what type of boat it would take to reverse the trend. Simplicity, performance, fun, and ease of use were recurring themes, which is why the e33 has a powerful, mainsail with no backstay, a 105 percent jib that can be sheeted in without winches, and minimal running rigging. Ex-S&S designer Wurmfeld drew a shallow foam-cored hull of moderate beam that promises easy handling and good speed. The huge cockpit places the emphasis on daysailing comfort, but there’s enough room belowdecks for a couple of bunks, a head, and a little Yanmar diesel to get you home. Hull #1 will be on the water in late spring; the sailaway price should be $129,000. For additional information, visit e sailing yachts.