Dehler 44

The new Dehler 44 is one of the first two of five new Simonis Voogd–designed Dehlers on the drawing board to be launched between 2006 and 2009. It’s designed to be a performance cruiser with the focus on performance. Production got under way this summer only after extensive computer modeling was used to determine the optimum shape of the hull and appendages. It appears that the designers gave the entire boat the same level of scrutiny. Innovative narrow strip skylights that run the length of the cabintop will brighten up the interior. The cockpit can be configured with a removable table and transom box/helm seat when you prefer to cruise; you can leave the box and table on the deck if you want a wide-open cockpit when you’re on the racecourse. And if it’s anything like the recently launched 47, you may like being on the racecourse a lot. For more information, visit Dehler‘s website.