Akilaria Class 40

Not everybody can race an Open 60. But the Akilaria Class 40 that’s making an appearance here in the States makes it possible for mere mortals to experience the exhilaration of sailing and racing a water-ballasted thoroughbred without necessarily needing a sponsor to foot a rather large bill. It’s built to the French Class 40 box rule, which was created by a group of designers, offshore sailors, and naval architects in an effort to promote a shorthanded offshore raceboat that’s designed to keep costs down and also double as a boat that a speed hungry sailor would consider cruising. The box rule places limits on length, weight, height, beam, and draft. Exotic building materials and canting keels are not allowed. This is the first Class 40 design to make an appearance here but other designs by Pierre Rolland, and Owen Clarke could make for some very interesting racing. So if you are looking for something different, or are just sick and tired of having to bribe crew to come racing with you, the Akilaria Class 40 may be well worth a look. www.maineyacht.com

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