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Chartering in San Francisco

The “San Francisco Bay Area” refers to the estuary spanning 50 miles north-south between San Jose and San Pablo Bay, with an east-west span of between three and 12 miles.



TOMS Introduces Sailing-Inspired Styles

Since its founding in 2006, the shoe company TOMS has been consistently popular, and noteworthy—the company’s famous one-for-one program, which matches each purchase with a pair of donated shoes, has now provided footwear to more than 10 million underprivileged children. In 2011, the company added TOMS Eyewear, which also follows a one-for-one program and provides eyewear to treat visual impairment in 13 countries worldwide.



Dawn Riley: A Life of Sailing

It’s 0900 on the dot, and Dawn Riley is starting the morning meeting. With military precision, she scrolls down an agenda she’s been working on for the past three hours. How’s that fiberglass repair? What’s up with the shipment of boats to Abu Dhabi? She scribbles a diagram on a whiteboard denoting proper anchoring technique.



A Cat Can Take You There: the Grenadines

In the archipelago, between St. Vincent and Grenada—there are approximately 600 islands and islets in total. Both St. Vincent and Grenada are home to charter operations so you can approach the vacation from either end...



Sailing Rallies Around the World

Every year, nearly 50 cruising rallies take place around the globe. There are rallies that cross the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Gulf Stream and even the Indian Ocean, routes that circle the Baltic, the Delmarva Peninsula and the World.


Sailboat Cruising

Anchoring Battles Continue in Florida

Long-simmering disputes in Florida between waterfront residents and cruising sailors came to a head this past summer, with residents pushing for new regulations that would prohibit anchoring within 300 feet of residential property.


Sailboat Cruising

Confident Captain Introduces On-Water Training in Newport

Boat shows are the ideal place to scratch your sailing itch. There, you can see what’s new in boats, gear, electronics and apparel, all while being surrounded by like-minded sailors. However, it’s rare you actually get to go sailing at a boat show, much less learn to sail.