Ask SAIL: Tuning the Rig


Ask Sail

Ask SAIL: Tuning the Rig

Rig tuning is a subject worthy of many pages. Rather than trying to answer your specific questions, I will offer some general principles to guide you. Read More


Charter Tips

How to Pick a Bareboat

Ten years ago, if you’d told me I’d be sailing the Caribbean and reviewing charter boats for a living, I would have laughed. But as luck (and deliberation) would have it, that’s precisely what I do. As the founder of, I’ve reviewed just about every charter boat out there. Now, I help folks figure out which is best for them.  The question I most often get asked is, “What bareboat do you recommend?” To answer, I’ve created Capt. Kev’s Formula for the Perfect Bareboat. Read More


America's Cup

Australia Returns to the Cup

It’s been 30 years since Australia became the first country to take away the America’s Cup, and 26 years since Perth, Australia, staged one of the all-time great AC regattas in its defense. Read More



Third Time’s the Charm

Following two unsuccessful attempts to circumnavigate the globe non-stop under sail, 70-year-old British sailor Jeanne Socrates finally succeeded in July of this year, completing the journey in 259 days and becoming the oldest woman in history to do so. Read More



Windshifts: Oh, the Bilges I’ve Known

It all began when I was eight. The bilge pump on our wooden skiff was running nonstop, and my mother had been pointing this out for some time before my father finally peeked under the hatch and saw water slopping around just inches below the battery. Read More


Sail, Rope and Rigging

Selden’s Furlex 304S

Three decades after Seldén launched its much-celebrated Furlex line, the Swedish rig and deck hardware manufacturer has introduced a fourth generation of its venerable roller-furlers. Read More